EP08 - Empowering Your Inner Entrepreneur - The Demartini Show - The Demartini Show

Episode 8

Empowering Your Inner Entrepreneur - The Demartini Show

Published on: 22nd February, 2019

We all possess an entrepreneurial spirit – whether working for ourselves or for someone else. In this episode, Dr John Demartini will help you awaken your inner entrepreneur and empowers you to ensure that your unique entrepreneurial spirit is released so that you can take ACTION and create amazing accomplishments.


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If you are serious about your own empowerment, Dr John Demartini is here for you.
If you are serious about your own empowerment and you're looking for the most efficient and effective pathway to go to the next level in your life, if you're looking for the world's #1 leading specialist in human behavior to guide you and help you make sense of your life and help you get the advantage, then welcome home. This podcast is for you.

Dr John Demartini is a researcher, author, and global educator. He has developed step by step processes that help you to clarify your vision, achieve your goals and empower all the areas of your life so that you get to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries.